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Weekly Schedule

Ketchikan Jiu-Jitsu

Sign up for classes at ketchikan.recdesk.comor at the front desk of the Ketchikan Gateway Recreation Center.

Kids classes are for children ages 5-9 and are appropriate for all levels of experience. Children will learn grappling skills for self-defense and competitive jiu-jitsu, improve their physical fitness, and develop the focus and discipline that will increase their success on and off the mat.

Teens class is for boys and girls ages 10-13. In this class we focus not only on developing jiu-jitsu skills but also provide instruction on the twin themes of empowerment and responsibility.

Adults class is appropriate for students high school age or older. Our classes are open to all levels of experience and students from all walks of life. Men and women are both welcome and we make all efforts to help our students learn how to defend themselves in a safe and supportive environment. All classes are in the jiu-jitsu uniform (gi) unless otherwise specified.